Frequently Asked Questions

Each pallet of sod slabs will cover 450 sqft. Our pallets of mini rolls on the other hand will cover 500 sqft.

Our outlet stores (located in Baton Rouge, Mobile and one on the way), will be more than happy to sell to you in quantities less that a whole pallet. You can even buy just one piece if you want.

Each piece of sod is 16 in x 24 in, which is a 2.66 sqft piece.
We proudly provide our high quality turf to both residential and commercial customers.

Our outlet stores do their best keep sod on hand at any time, but sometimes due to weather conditions it is not always that simple. The best thing to do is to call in ahead of time to reserve a pallet for pickup. We also offer farm pickups that need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance and paid for ahead of time.

During our busy spring season, it is best to schedule deliveries 3-5 days in advance. SOMETIMES we might be able to fit you in on our delivery schedule but if you are looking for a guaranteed delivery date we suggest calling your order in at least 3-5 days before you need it.
NO! Do not water your turf while it is sitting on a pallet. The turf that is on a pallet is still living and has been fertilized regularly, and when you add water to it you are allowing the nitrogen to continue to release which will make the turf raise in temperature and bake itself from the inside out. The best thing to do is to move the pallet to the shade (if possible), but do not tarp or cover it.
Do I have to wait until spring? The simple answer is no you do not have to wait until spring. One of the many benefits of sod is that it is something that can be planted year round as long as you have water.
We recommend to wait until your sod has rooted into the soil which is usually between 10-14 days after being installed. Just to be sure your sod is rooted, you can lightly tug on a few areas in your yard and if it doesn’t come up you are safe; however, if it does come up, put it back down and wait a few more days before you mow. When you are ready for your first mowing, you will want to make sure that your blade is sharp to get a healthy cut and set your mower to the highest setting to ensure you will not be removing no more than 1/3 of the blade.
There are a few things to understand before we can give solutions. One thing is that brown spots are more likely to appear when the home has female dogs or big dogs, such as great danes or golden retrievers. Female dogs cause brown spots because their pH/nitrogen level in their urine is very high which burns the turf. Big dogs cause brown spots because there is more urine concentrated in one area due to the size of the bladder. There are few things you can do which is to soak the turf after each potty session OR you can change their diets.
We recommend that you start off by getting a soil test before adding any chemicals or fertilizers to your new lawn. There are a number of things that can play a factor into new turf. You are more than welcome to call one of our Turf Experts at any location and we can walk through a few different things that we are seeing in the fields as far as fungus, insects, etc.

Since we do not have any control over installation methods, watering, existing soil conditions, insects, weather, or sod left on the pallet past the day of delivery/pickup, our liability is terminated upon the acceptance of the product.

As long as your shaded areas get at least 3-5 hours of sunlight, our Classic St. Augustine or Palisades Zoysia would be a good fit for you. If your shaded areas are a very heavy shade and don’t get any sunlight there are a few other things you can do instead of turf like a ground cover similar to Asiatic jasmine or a rock garden based flowerbed.