Velvet Soil 35 lb – Provides constant long lasting feeding for plants and excellent moisture retention. It’s a loose, friable soil to allow root penetration, and even better there is nothing to mix.

Cow Manure 45 lb – The all natural organic way to improve soils and also provides moisture holding capacity is sandy soils.

Top Soil 45 lb – Naturally occurring blend of organic material from peat deposit. Mix with Black Kow cow manure for planting trees and shrubs.

Organic Mushroom Compost 40 lb – This rich, soil building medium is perfect for vegetable and flower gardens, hanging baskets, shrubs and trees. Mix it with your planting soil or as a top dressing on potted plants of all types.

F-Stop Fungicide Granules 10 lb bag 12770 – A granular product containing fungicide that provides a systemic protector and curative fungicide. Controls turfgrass diseases in established lawns and in ornamental turfs.

F-Stop Lawn & Garden Fungicide RTS 10765 – Protection Against Major Lawn & Plant Disease. For use on Roses, Flowers, Shrubs, Berries, Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables & Lawns. Rainproof in 2 hours.

Liquid Systemic Fungicide II RTS 11380 – Prevents & controls major diseases on roses, flowers, lawns, trees & shrubs.

Weed-Out Lawn Weed Killer RTS 10513 – : Trimec®, a patented combination of 3 weed killers: 2,4-D 1.91%, Mecoprop-p 3.33% and Dicamba 0.81% . Ready-to-Spray, no mixing needed. Temperature should be 65°F to 85°F.

Weed Free Zone Concentrate (8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz available) 10523, 10524, 10525 – Controls over 80 of the toughest to control broadleaf weeds in Common Bermuda Grass, Hybrid Bermuda Grass, Zoysia Grass, St. Augustine and Centipede Grass.

Weed Free Zone RTS 10527 – Contains four active ingredients including Carfentazone to provide broad spectrum weed control. An excellent postemergent broadleaf weed control product that is rainfast in three hours. Provides proven cool weather performance to control over 80 of the toughest to control broadleaf weeds.

Centipede Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-15 10767 – Contains slow release Nitrogen for long lasting results plus high Iron content along with other trace elements to produce super greening power.
Use on Centipede lawns and Bluegrass, perennial Ryegrass, Fescue, St. Augustine, Bahia, Bermuda, Zoysia and Bentgrass lawns.

New Lawn Starter Fertilizer 9-13-7 (4 lb, 10 lb, 40 lb available) 10904, 10903, 10902 – Designed to help grass seed and sod develop roots and mature stems before rapid growth begins. Helps sod to establish. A must for new lawns.

St. Augustine Weed & Feed 15-0-4 10917 – Apply in early spring to obtain control of pre-emerged and post-emerged weeds in Centipede, Zoysia and St. Augustine lawns. Do not use on Bermuda Grass or any type of Northern grasses.

Horticultural Oil Concentrate 40465 – Controls Aphids, Scale, Mites, Whiteflies, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Sooty Mold and others listed on complete label.

Horticultural Oil RTS 46467 – Controls Aphids, Scale, Mites, Whiteflies, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Sooty Mold and others listed on complete label.

Bug Blaster Bifenthrin 2.4% RTS 32297 – Treats Up To 5,300 Sq. Ft. Odor Free, Non Staining & Water Based Provides Up To 4 Months Control of Cockroaches & 3 Months Control of Other Pests Listed on Label.

Bug Blaster II Granules 33326 – Provides broad spectrum control of insect pests in Lawns, Landscapes, Perimeter around Homes and Buildings. Controls FireAnts, Fleas, Ticks, Mole Crickets, Chinch Bugs, European Crane Flies, Scorpions and other listed insect pests.

Bug Blaster Above and Below 32406 – An insecticide for above and below ground insects in lawns, flower beds, ornamentals, trees and shrubs. Apply early to kill grubs and crane fly larvae or apply when above ground insects are present. Kills Ants, Grubs, Mole Crickets, Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworm, Billbug and other listed insects. Apply anytime between spring throughout summer. Apply and water in immediately

Atrazine Weed Killer Concentrate 33430 – Controls both emerged weeds and weeds from seed in St. Augustine and Centipedegrass.

Super Conc. KILLZALL Weed & Grass Killer 33693 – Non-selective weed and grass killer, contains a double-surfactant formulation that dries on plant fast to start working quickly. Labeled for lawn renovation, brush and vine control and stump treatment.

Super Conc. KILLZALL II 33704 – Short, concise consumer-friendly label. Non-selective weed and grass killer, contains a double-surfactant formulation that dries on plant fast to start working quickly. Multiple use formulation…near fences, in paths, patios, sidewalks, curbs and driveways. Around ornamental trees, shrubs, flower beds and buildings.

Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper 33030 – Use in ornamental landscape areas, established lawns and ornamental turf. Can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other pre-emergence Crabgrass preventers. Provides superior control of Crabgrass and many other annual grass and broadleaf weeds.

Spreader Sticker 31061 – A water soluble spray additive that makes water wetter and increases absorption, translocation and sticking of pesticides. Low foaming and contains no oil.




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