April starts the season that you wake-up on the weekends to hear lawn mowers in the early morning and the smell of fresh cut grass. So you know what that means? It is SPRING! April is National Lawn Care Month but sometimes working in your yard can seem overwhelming as there are so many things to do. Woerner Turf has 5 helpful tips for National Lawncare Month.


  1. Rake Your Lawn – Raking your lawn allows you to remove leaves that can cause your grass to be deprived of sun light. If we just left the leaves on the ground, it would prevent the new growth from being able to come up. Not only do we rake up leaves, but we catch thatch, sticks, dead weeds, matted grass clumps, and more, creating a healthy growing environment for the existing grass to come out of dormancy.


  1. Aerate – Aeration is beneficial to the roots of your grass. By aerating you reduce the soil compaction allowing the roots of the grass to have the room to expand. It also increases oxygen flow and improves fertilizer absorption giving the grass the nutrients that it would be missing out on if we didn’t aerate creating a healthier plant.


  1. Dethatch – Woerner Turf has a product called “Thatch Out” that is designed specifically to digest thatch. The digestion of thatch releases nutrients to be reused by the grass, reduces disease and insect habitats, and enhances natural disease defenses, all an important part of a strong healthy turf. This product can be purchase through our website as part of our TURFection Fertilzer Kit. Click HERE for more information.


  1. Apply Dimension – Dimension is a granular product used to sterilize weed seeds to prevent them from germinating. This can be spread every 4 weeks to prevent any new growth of weeds in your lawn through the year.


  1. Fertilize – Apply a rich fertilizer like a 15-0-15 or a slow release fertilizer like 24-0-8 to your lawn, but only do this after you have killed any existing weeds and spread your dimension. If you do this first, you are going to be feeding your weeds making them strong and healthy and taking nutrients away from your grass.