Gray Leaf Spot in Turf | NC State Extension Publications

During the hot and soggy summer months, we start to notice issues in our lawns and are not sure what is wrong or how to fix it. One of the most common issues is a fungus. Lawn fungi and diseases come in many forms ranging from grey leaf spot, brown patch, to fairy ring. Once the disease has taken over your lawn, it will remain active until a treatment has been started. If you think you may have a fungus or disease in your lawn, you want to stay away from fertilizing your lawn at all costs. Fertilizing while a fungus is present will make the fungus spread like a wild fire and potentially kill your whole lawn down to the roots.

Another way to prevent diseases is to make sure you aren’t over watering, especially in shady areas. It is better to do a deeper watering less frequent in the early morning. General rule is to make sure your lawn is getting 1 inch of water every 2-3 days once it is established. Lawns may require more water when the temperatures start to increase during the hot summer months.

If you suspect you have a fungus a few products you can use include:
– Liquid Systemic Fungicide by Fertilome (iquid ready to spray chemical)
– Heritage by Syngenta (granular chemical)
– F Stop by Fertilome (granular chemical) : Fertilome (10768) F-Stop Fungicide Granules (20 lb.) : Patio,  Lawn & Fertilome (10765) F-Stop Lawn and Garden Fungicide RTS (32oz) :  Industrial & ScientificHeritage G Granular Fungicide - Sod Solutions