Is dethatching your lawn necessary?

First, it is important to know what thatch is. Thatch is dead grass that is built up at the base of the living grass. Extremely thick thatch prevents moisture and air from getting through the soil to the roots of your grass. It can also be a nesting ground for insects and fungi. If the thatch is continually building up, it can kill your lawn. For these reasons, dethatching your lawn is necessary in the mid to late spring while your grass is actively growing. You can either dethatch by using a manual dethatch rake or you can use a TURFection product called Thatch Out. You can purchase this product through or at one of our Outlets.

Thatch Out easily connects to your hose so you can spray it on your lawn and over some time it will break down the thatch and release those nutrients back into the soil.  Using Thatch Out is a better option than manual raking because it prevents tearing and ripping the healthy grass under the thatch. Remember a little thatch is okay to have. We recommend that if your thatch is over an inch thick, it is time to dethatch.